Paddle Boarding in Noss Mayo

SUP – Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding or SUPing is growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate. Why? Because it is a great way to exercise gently whilst making the most of being out on the water.

Anchor Cottage is perfect for paddle boarders as we have direct access to the tidal river. The Malthouse has a shared private slipway so you can get straight into the water. No carrying your board for miles or inflating it by the side of the river every time you go out. If you have an inflatable board just pump it up at the beginning of your holiday and then, when the tide is up, get on!

There is a tide timetable on the bookcase in the dining area that you can check. If you time it right you can SUP out to the sea for the day and then use the incoming tide you take you back to Anchor Cottage.

Unfortunately due to insurance reasons we are unable to rent out our paddle boards at the moment – watch this space – but you are very welcome to store your own in the secure garage or you can rent them locally from the wonderful Chloe at SwellHunters (details in the cottage or just ask). She will even bring them to the cottage fully inflated for you. She also can give you a few lessons if you want, these can all be done safely and socially distanced. You can also rent them from Reactive Watersports in Plymouth. They also run the Club Paddle Boarding nights in Noss Mayo, every Wednesday evening throughout the year, they also do a ladies only night on Thursdays, find out more here.

I can arrange for paddle board hire and an instructor for up to 6 people, just drop me a line at or call me on 07969 415531.

How do I learn how to Stand Up Paddle Board?

If you learn by reading instructions you can see an easy to follow guide on WikiHow. I prefer to learn by doing but these 10 steps are a good place to start.

  1. Wade out into the shallow water
  2. Place you paddle across the board
  3. Hold the board by it’s sides
  4. Lift 2 knee and place it on the board
  5. Shift your weight and put your other knee on the board.
  6. Try using a few strokes whilst kneeling to bet your balance
  7. Place your paddle on the board again and hold the sides of the board
  8. Stand up one foot at a time
  9. Rise and adjust your feet
  10. Start paddling

When I was learning I watched loads of videos on YouTube which really helped me to improve my paddle strokes, here’s one of the more helpful ones. It is also so much easier to learn on a nice flat river rather than the sea, so don’t be put off if you’ve tried once on holiday and couldn’t master it, and just get your confidence first by staying on your knees until you’re ready to stand up.

You’ll soon be heading down the Yealm taking in the views and maybe even stopping at The Swan or The Ship on your way back for a nice refreshing drink!