Sam’s Seaweed Soaps

Sam’s Seaweed Soaps are now part of what we offer guests at Anchor Cottage. Sam and I were having a cup of tea and a natter in our back garden in February when Sam mentioned that she could make soap. Sam is an incredibly talented maker of lots of things, her cooking and baking are amazing! So we talked about the possibility of making soap for Holiday Cottages Noss Mayo. We thought it would be amazing if we could use seaweed from our local beach in the process….

Soaps and Stoke Beach

Sam went off to do some research and came back with three different recipes for trialling so our next job was to get the seaweed.  We packed our wetsuits and a flask of tea and headed down the steps to Stoke Beach. The sea was pretty choppy so we had to grab onto the rocks in order to get the fresh seaweed. It was brilliant fun and we managed to get a couple of different types of weed which is what we needed for the soap.

Savon de Marseille Algue – that’s french for seaweed soap!

So Sam took home the seaweed and dried it out. She made three different types of soap –  a kelp & spirulina one, a lemon , a mint & seaweed scrub and finally a shea butter & seaweed infusion soap. They all smelt amazing! The next step was to do the market research. The three soaps were given to friends labelled as A,B & C and we emailed everyone about the various aspects of a good soap. Did it lather up well? How long did it last? How did it feel on the skin? What is your favourite?

And the winning soap is….

And there was a clear favourite, soap C was named as the preferred option due to smell, latherability, and gentleness on the skin. This was Sam’s shea butter and seaweed infusion recipe and our friend Ali even came up with the rather brilliant name of ‘Shea Noss’.

Shea Noss Soap at Anchor Cottage

And so each bathroom has a bar of Sam’s Shea Noss Soap as well as White Company Maroc Hand wash, Vegan friendly Caffeine Shampoo & Hair Conditioner, and Hemp Body wash. They last about a week, smell wonderful, are hand made in Devon using seaweed from Stoke Beach. I told you she was talented!!!

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