Wild Swimming at Anchor Cottage – Winter 2020

Wild Swimming at Anchor Cottage – Holiday Cottages Noss Mayo – is so easy. When the tide is high you can get into and out of the water really quickly. A few steps from the garage and you’re there. As soon as you immerse yourself in the water you will feel the benefit immediately. It’s exhilarating, beautiful and will make you feel a million miles from the day job!

Summer Wild Swimming

I started wild swimming during Lockdown to boost my morale. There are loads of amazing locations to swim here in Devon, we’re very lucky. With the brilliant sunshine and hot weather swimming on the moor and the sea was one of the best things to do with the children this summer. We swam on the moor and regularly took picnics to the beach and cooled off with as many dips as we liked. Our rule is that it doesn’t count unless you get your head under!

At Noss Mayo you can jump off Bridgend Quay – which the kids love to do, and many families enjoy letting them jump off Pope’s Quay whilst they enjoy some lunch and a drink at The Swan Inn.

Winter Wild Swimming

Not everyone wants to swim in the River when it’s 2 ° but with the right equipment it is incredibly good for your immune system. Swapping your swimming costume for a wetsuit is the first step. I have also added boots and now gloves to my attire. I think it can be a bit too much to jump in, the Outdoor Swimming Society have lots of great advice about making the experience safe. Making sure you are close to the water’s edge and warming up safely are two key things to a winter swim.

The great thing about Anchor Cottage is how close it is to the water so once you have wiggled out of your wetsuit – taking care to warm up slowly – you can jump into the shower on the ground floor. Wet footprints are easy to mop up. You can then head straight upstairs for a reviving cup of hot chocolate.